Pino Dunas


I present you a range of floral essences, elaborated in the Canary Islands, mainly in the Roque Nublo, a very powerful center of the island of Gran Canaria. After some years of experimentation, I have verified its force and its power to transmute aspects and situations that were not managed to solve by other means.

These essences have come to the light, partly animated by my patients. After  experiencing its effects and also with the desire that you benefit from them.

I believe that the most important thing it is to discover the Love that all we have inside and the floral essences are one of the ways to get there.

In the beginning, feeling what each flower said to me was like a game. Then and now, when I have them between my hands, I get their <<information>>, which, consequently, facilitates that within me many things happen. This way they cause me from laughter and weeping to extasis and love states. In summary: they move me internally.

The essences act mainly in the emotional aspect, releasing any ballast, curing hurt or traumas and, really, cleaning in depth. In addition they make you be conscious of all this process, helping you to solve it better. And a very important thing: they act quickly (once I read the phrase that we do not have time to make ten years of therapy).

The essences, in sum, cause a very pleasant encounter between the earth and the sky; they cause you to feel more and more in connection with the earth; they root you so that you can enjoy the wonders of the body, without rejections; and, simultaneously, they open you to new spiritual dimensions and new potentialities that were slept in you hoping to be discovered.