Pino González  presents courses anywhere in the world  where a group of people is interested in learning and enjoying these powerful essences.

In that space she integrates the dance and the perception of each floral essence through the light bath that projects each flower through the slides.

It is a time to learn the system and to dance with the new thing that arises or the old thing that is freed.


1. Introduction to the 20 Floral Essences of the system.


2. A way to test the Essences: Radiestesia (handling of the pendulum), using the unconscious knowledge of the person, we will select the most suitable essences for each student in that precise moment of its life.


3. Preparation of the Essences: We will learn to elaborate the mixtures individualized with the selected essences and will prepare one 2th dilution. We will make a work of sensorial perception through the hands (kinestesia) with the prepared misture. We will share the experience of each one as a source of information and of analisis.


4. Proyection of slides: Explanation of each of the flowers and its therapeutic application by means of the projection. Study of the subtle correspondence between the shape and the color (cromotherapy). The students will be able to verify live the effect of the bath of light of each flower on their organism.


5. Absorción through the aura: With the individual formulas, we will search the zones of the aura that need them most.


6. Aplications of the floral essences: People, animals, plants, places, countries, planetary aid. The soul of the relations. Businesses.

7. Given of Diplomas.

During courses we will also work with the paintings, getting what they give us and learning their messages through their simbols and healing codes.